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About Us


"Commitment of our Arokaya House (Home of Health Patients)"

To invent a product to promote holistic health. We use of herbs in the country and the technique of self-reliance from the ingredients. We focused on the manufacturing process extracts the natural way and take advantage of the product itself. Which brings the best quality products available in most good for the sake of your healthcare consumers of all ages.

 When talking about Thai herbal medicines, many people think of a ground herb capsule, bolus or medicine concocted by mixing and simmering a wide variety of herbs to extract the main curative medicines. 
But at Arokaya House, owned by Srifah Chavanontakij, you can see a different kind of medicinal herb. For the past two decades, the place has become well known among those interested in herbal treatments. The myriad of medicines manufactured there are in the form of a herbal liquid that has been fermented for at least six months. The medicines are tested and studied by several educational institutes and researchers have found they contain highly anti-oxidant and pro-biotic microbes wholesome to our health. As a result, they are an alternative medicine for health-conscious people looking for a new treatment.



"The guideline of Arokaya House"

      From her childhood, Srifah's life has revolved around herbs. Her ancestors, including her grandfather who came from China, were masters in herbs and traditional treatments. When she grew up, Srifah soaked up Thai traditional medicine while at the Ministry of Public Health.

"Initially, our fermented herbal liquid was distributed only to members of the family. We found that after drinking it continually, no one in the house got sick. We have never had a fever," she said. "After that, we gave it to our close friends and those who were sick, free of charge. News about our home-made medicines then spread far and wide. The first popular medicine we produced is the fermented great morinda or nam look yo."

     Great morinda (Morinda citrifolia) is also known as Indian mulberry and it grows throughout Southeast Asia and into Australia. It can grow up to 9m-high and its fruit is known as cheese fruit or vomit fruit, due to its smell. According to Ms.Srifah, the process of making nam look yo or noni juice is simple. Great morindas are fermented in water mixed with honey. It is popular among cancer patients since it is widely believed that great morinda can invigorate the body and make it healthy. 
As a result, Ms.Srifah has imported a lot of great morinda fruit.​

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