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First series of questions: A category for women.

1.Beer to unscrew the rust? ANS Yes, Solution is to pour the beer into the screw a little rust for 2-3 minutes, the pH of beer. It helps to remove dirt. And scrap steel to make it easier to turn the screw.

2. Balm can be used to remove chewing gum, food or clothes.? ANS Yes, practical solutions by applying balm to rub the sticky rubber. The gum resin of the gum around it will not come off it and take it to wash clothes as usual.

3. Guava leaves to help absorb the smell? ANS Yes, the real solution here is a low-profile beef squeezed juice extractor that leaves out the essential oils. I do not smell. The leaf residue was placed on various points. To help absorb odor.

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